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Like the title says it! I'm back from my vacations. It's a bit weird to be back to my house ... if you go in vacation during 8/9 days, when you come back to your house you've got a weird feeling. 

Anyway I'll work on fics and other things don't worry ... I just feel a bit tired right now but I'm more motivated than before!
Like the title suggests it, I will be absent during several days. I'll let you know when I'll be back.

I will continue to work on fics once I'll be back. 

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The following is the synopsis of what happened in a commision :iconyunomixx: did for me (the preview image). The full drawiwng can be found here:…. It involves Flint from Alundra 2 (ps1 game) and Sora (with his kingdom hearts II outfit).

They both look like that:



dedication to :iconyunomixx: before the story starts! she did a wonderful job with the drawing as you can see! Not only she's a skilled artist but also a very kind and open minded person! So I hope will stay in touch for long period! I also hope we will work again! It's always a pleasure to see new artwork in her gallery and write fics for her!

The story (*/MM content so if you don't like it don't complain in the comments) will start under a the line of "*".


Somewhere in an almost uninhabited region there was labyrinth made of stone, since the region was almost uninhabited, only a very few persons knew about its existence and nobody ever tried to enter this sinister place … until today.

Two young heroes tried their chance or to be more précised someone kidnapped their princess. The two heroes in question were Sora who wanted to save Kairi and Flint who wanted to save princess Alexia. Both noticed their absence and a piece of paper that indicated them where they could find their dear princess.

Of course they were somewhere in the labyrinth and our heroes didn’t need more to go there and rescue the girls. Both were heading to that dungeon and both were barely a few meters away from the entrance when they met.

“who are you?” both asked at the same time.

“I’m Sora and I’m here to save someone and very special to me … and you?”

“My name is Flint and I’m here to rescue princess Alexia. I have been told she was in that labyrinth”

“What if we teamed up to save them?”

“Sounds good to me but be careful … this place seems fishy and I know what I’m talking about. I’m an expert when it comes to brave dungeons”.

Both then entered and discovered the labyrinth of stone … it looks really huge and inside the building there were several floors … this would take hours … perhaps even days to save the princesses … and when they continued there was an intersection.

“Where are we supposed to go now?”

“Perhaps the left path … everyone tells me it’s important to follow your heart.”

“Let’s try this way. Let’s hope your heart gave you the best advice”.

A few meters away there were doors everywhere on both the left and the right … and even on the ceiling!

“This way!” said Sora who trusted his heart.

“wait for me!”

The room they went in was quite huge and there was a chest in the middle of it.

“Cool a chest! Maybe it contains a useful item or a clue!”

“Wait Sora don’t! I’m sure it’s a trap!”

But Sora didn’t list and opened the chest revealing a weird bottle … and triggering a system that locked the only door of the room!

“Oh no! that’s what I feared!”

Flint tried to open the door but it didn’t budge at all.

“Sora come and try to help me!”

“Yes I arrive! This chest doesn’t contain something useful anyway!”

Both tried once more but it was useless: that door remained closed.

“Damn! We’re trapped here!”

“Sorry Flint! It’s my fault!”

Since they were near the door our two heroes couldn’t hear the strange noise coming from the weird bottle “psssssshhhhhhhhh”. A strange gas leaked from the bottle and was starting to invade the whole room! But they’re too busy with the door to notice that … and suddenly despite the emergency of the situation Flint starting to feel giggly.

“We’ve got to get out of here he he!” * why did I laughed? *

“Is everything okay Flint?”

Flint then breathed more gas and looked at Sora’s face and felt even funnier than before!

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“What’s so funny?”

“Your hair ha ha ha ha!” It’s like the funniest thing I ever saw ha ha ha ha!”

The gas finally started to invade Sora’s lungs too and he also succumbed to the giggly feeling.

“He he he you’re right! But what’s funnier is your face! You look so funny when you’re laughing ha ha ha ha!”

Both heroes started to understand something wasn’t right and noticed the gas that invaded the room. But the laughing gas already destroyed most of their inhibitions and at this point they didn’t care at all.

“Ha ha ha ha! I think it’s a laughing gas trap Sora ha ha ha ha!”

“Ha ha ha! That explains everythihihihing! Oh god I’m so high! This place is so funny!”

“Yeah I want to stay here forever ha ha ha ha!”

While the two heroes were laughing, the noises they made attracted blue slimy creatures known as slimes: 4 of them came from small holes in the walls.

“Ha ha ha ha! What are they going to do to us Flint?”

“I don’t know ho ho ho ho! It’s the first time I see those creatures!”

Those were not normal slimes but foot fetish slimes who loved boys’ feet and thanks to the laughing gas trap they had two young heroes they could have fun with. They immediately removed Sora’s and Flint’s shoes and socks leaving the heroes bare feet … and revealing their beautiful soles to the hungry slimes! The slimes didn’t lose one second and licked the two boys’ feet immediately!

“Whahahahat the hehehehell? They’re licking our feet! Who’s the creep who made the dungeon ha ha ha ha ha!”

“It feels weird but also ho ho ho ho very good at the time ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

That sentence from Sora just motivated the slimes to lick even faster and with an even greater devotion! The slimes looked super happy to give Sora and Flint the foot worship session they deserved! They never tasted feet like that before!

“Oh wow! They’re pretty good at it hi hi hi hi! Look how much they love our feet flint!”

“Yeah I see that! But I must admit your feet are pretty sexy Sora he he he he!”

Flint’s inhibitions were dead so he had no shame telling truth. The more it continued the more aroused our heroes were: they couldn’t tell if the gas affected the pleasure center of their brain or if Slimes were simply skilled foot lickers but it felts extremely good for them to be there foot licked by those creatures while they were high on laughing gas. Soon in addition to laughs, we could hear the two heroes were moaning!

“Aaaaaaaaah! That feels good ha ha ha ha ha! Those slimes know what they’re doing Sora!

“Yeaaaaaaaah! Damn I’m not sure I felt this good in my life! Those slimes have good taste, they know your feet are sexy and lickable … especially now they’re full of saliva: they’re even sexier! If I listened to my heart I would imitate them he he he he he!”

“You really think so Sora ha ha ha ha?”

“Yeah he he he he he”

Both were feeling a gilty and weird pleasure from the foot licking but at that moment … the gas bottle was empty and slimes decided to hide before the heroes came back to their senses. a trap revealed itself: a teleportation spell that allowed them to come back at the entrance and with Kairi and Alexia near them.

“What were you boys doing?” Asked Alexia

“I thought you’d never rescue us” said Kairi

“And … why are your bare feet?” asked a blushing Alexia. * I never thought I’d find their feet were sexy *

“Yeah that’s … weird” * and terribly sexy * thought Kairi

“should we show them the “thing” Sora?” asked Flint.

“Yeah definitely, I’m sure they’ll like that too” said Sora.

“There’s a room we would like to show you in that labyrinth” said the two heroes in the same time.

The two boys brought the two girls in the room they were trapped before and there was another chest that contained an even bigger bottle of laughing gas. Both heroes activated the trap on purpose and had evil smiles on their faces … their princesses were about to discover how sexy their boys’ feet were … one locked door later and the boys would get the foot worship session of their life ^^
Hello everyone! I wanted to know if someone could be nice enough to tell me where I could find MMD models of Rua (Leo in the english dub) from yu-gi-oh 5D's and Sora from yu-gi-oh arc V. 

Here are normal pics of them: 



I know it's possible to find them because they were used in somes vids: 

[link] (anime boy feet)

(normal vid with sora): [link]

(normal vid with Rua): [link]

So if anyone has any informaiton or knows someone who might know something about this, don't hesitate to share the information with me. Thank you in advance!
Hello everyone! It's just to tell you my gallery will have new fics this year unlike the previous one. I hope you'll enjoy my newest fics at least as much as "old" ones.


Like the title says it! I'm back from my vacations. It's a bit weird to be back to my house ... if you go in vacation during 8/9 days, when you come back to your house you've got a weird feeling. 

Anyway I'll work on fics and other things don't worry ... I just feel a bit tired right now but I'm more motivated than before!


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